Hub status led no longer illuminated

The led status indicator on my hub is no longer illuminating. There is no loss of connectivity so it is still functioning, just no light. I don’t want to jinx myself by power cycling it and risk it not coming back on. Any suggestions ? Thanks, John

Indeed a known bug. It will light up and then dim again … and vice versa …

As long the hub works, just let it do, don’t reboot. It will solve it for a moment but it will happen again. Developers know about it and will solve this once the more important changes have been implemented.

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Thanks for the quick reply Eric. I’ll just let it be.


Having the same problem

Temporarily had the same problem for the Hub that runs my WFSKY & WFAIR. I simply unplugged it for ~ 30 seconds…then plugged back in. Green LED reappeared a few moments later.

I would actually like to see a config setting for the LED to turn off or to schedule the LED to turn off during nighttime hours. My network related shelving has 1/2 of the components with this ability and 1/2 that shine like the surface of the sun at night.

Any chance you could slip this into a firmware soon? Makes a difference to those of us that have components like this in the “open”!

I used to keep everything in the open. After a few years I got tired of all the light noise and moved every thing to a nice cool little room. Now I worry less and feel much happier.

Has the LED turned off again after having reset the hub ? Just wondering if resetting only temporarily fixes the issue.

Sounds almost like a miniature version of a “server room” where lights can be on continuouly & LEDs can flash and no one will be bothered!

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Yeah, my server room is in basement behind ICF 12inch concrete walls” not a good place for Wi-Fi to penetrate. (All my access points on my property have to connect via riser to upper levels of my home). Unfortunately, this include the tempest hub. (I know, it’s a “first world” problem, but the struggle is real :wink:

I sort of is. Someday I’ll retire most of it and cut my electric bill in half.

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Just add a Ruckus 610 in the room and solve all your issues.

Add me to this hub light bug as well. Seems to have started with Hub firmware v143. Weather data was still transmitting, so I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and went about things.

I have this issue. I power cycled it the first couple of times. Still happens and once i realized it was really still connected with no LED I just leave it alone. It comes back on when it feels like it.

What do the hub lights indicate? It is usually green, sometimes blue, rarely red.

Blue = A Bluetooth connection to the Hub.
Red = Hub lost connection to the WeatherFlow servers.
Green = All is well.

Thank you, Tim Evans, Southern California

What about Cyan? :slight_smile:

I’ve only had this once, and it was 100% not green and 100% not blue - but it was hard to photograph. I know the blue from when I connect with the phone and it was definitely not the same colour, and what I call cyan.

Cyan = Hub is confused but working.


my old hub now does the same, but never did that before. Still working fine though.

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