Hub specification

Does anyone know the specs of the hub ?
Would it work outside in a NEMA weather tight enclosure in colder climates ?

It’s an indoor device that requires wifi and power. Do whatever you’d do for any other such device if you want to try to run it outside. Should be possible.

I was interested in the operating temperature range of the hub…

The base module they used in the Hub is rated for -40C to +125C. IIRC, the same exact module is used in the Air, Sky, and Tempest which are all located outdoors.

WF-Tempest does have a long-promised “Pro” Hub in the development tree, which will be bundled with an outdoor enclosure in an off-grid kit. In other words, I wouldn’t lose any sleep unless you are deploying it in a severe arctic environment…

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Thank you for the info. The hub would not give me a consisted connection to the device from the house at 300 feet. The maximum RSSI was around -93 dB constantly losing connection. So I moved the hub to my covered balcony where I can get a good connection of about -80 dB. I installed the Tempest close to my commercial grade Vaisala MAWS 201 weather station so I can compare the data. I was very surprised after almost two weeks of use to find that the accuracy of the sensors used in the Tempest are of high quality. Kudos to the development team from WeatherFlow. I am sure the Tempest will satisfy even the most avid weather enthusiasts.
I just wish the hub would of had an external antenna jack to use it with an antenna of choice to extend the range without moving it outside.

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Temperature is mostly not an issue, humidity is. Especially when you close it in a box where temperatures can swing heavily and create condensation inside. I know @iladyman installed a hub on his antenna and it works. Just use some breather nipple to keep the moisture out the box (eventually some silica bags).

This box with small drain holes works for me but my temps are never freezing.

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions. As I mentioned above the hub is sitting on my completely covered balcony and the connection with the device is acceptable. I was more concerned about the operating temperature range of the hub because I live in a colder climate.