Hub requires a local reboot after firmware upgrade

I received this disappointing email regarding an old Hub for my Skys and Air on firmware 143:

Hello WeatherFlow Tempest owner,

During a routine firmware update download for the Tempest & Smart Weather Hub (indoor base station), your Hub was unexpectedly kicked offline. You may have received a ‘station offline’ notification from the app.

If your Hub is already back online, great! You’re all set. You can disregard this message.

If your station/Hub remains offline…

  • Power cycle your Hub. Unplug the Hub for a couple moments and then plug it back in. Wait a minute for it to fully reboot.
  • The Hub will reconnect to the WiFi network automatically. The Hub’s LED will return to green or blue (if the Tempest Weather app is opened). The Tempest device should reconnect to the Hub automatically.

Unfortunately it is offline and I am not there for a few weeks but I do still require the weather readings.
Now that I have encountered this hub failure I am considering to improve the reliability for the future of including a daily reboot of my hub.
I will probably do it from a raspberry pi cron job.
For those of us who wonder if this is wise or not I noticed David make this comment which makes me think that it is not a completely bad idea:

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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you might just connect it to a smart plug, that you could power cycle remotely


Due to being unable to reboot locally I thought of another solution. Call my mate at the Electrical control center. They have a remote controlled circuit breaker which controls the supply to the transformer to our neighborhood. Just a quick 15 second outage is all that is required…Anyway problem solved, it is working now :wink:


So I thought about it longer and put out a facebook request to my friends for anyone going past my house to switch my main switch off for 15 seconds. And that is how I fixed it. I just mentioned the neighborhood transformer circuit breaker because it is another option that appeared in my brainstorming ideas :slight_smile:
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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why not install some small domotic system and a smart plug ? (and yes you get addicted to it once you start). Most domotic systems allow you to remotely control it via a phone … and yes I hear already the security geeks … make a separate vlan …

Anyway, might be easier than going the brute way. And I use it to simulate we’re home by switching on and off lamps at our usual hours for example but this is off topic

actually that came to my mind as well, but thought that would be ridiculous. But glad you solved it.

Hi @eric ,
Because it was the first time that I had to reboot my hub so I did not know to prepare for it before I left overseas.
Yes some sort of smart plug might do the trick if I am able to monitor it. But some trips I might be out of communication. On this occasion I am not there to install it.
I then also think about the raspberry pi option monitoring if the hub requires a reboot.
I would prefer that we did not need to reboot our hubs.
I doubt the instructions mention the requirement which is why I created the topic to let people know what can happen and think about options to prepare for it if they are remote from their hub.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


for sure it isn’t a requirement and it shouldn’t be (if it was, there is some software bug that needs fixing). Hub can run for a very long time without reboot. I can’t tell you how long, because it did reboot itself after the firmware upgrade. But I can’t remember when I last rebooted the hub.