Hub repeatedly drops offline

Looks like the hub just came back online. Next time that happens can you open the app and tell me if the blue led on hub turns on? I’m wondering if the hub is locked up or just can’t get on the network.

Oh, Sure. When it was Red, I fired up the App, it Turned Blue. It was alone and I could see Data. I turned off BlueTooth on phone, Quit the App, Started back up, Showed online, but no new data. Light was still red.

OK, that tells me the hub was alive but wasn’t able to connect for some reason. Next time that happens can you go through the wifi setup process and re-connect it to your AP? I hoping it will fail and give you an error number that will be helpful to me. After you do that, you’ll need to reset the power to the hub and go through the wifi setup again. It should work that time.

Setting Up WiFi Again. Original SSID
Error Coe: 1062

Setting Up WiFi Again. Different SSID, Same AP, Different DHCP/VLAN

Setting Up WiFi Again. Original SSID, Same AP, Original DHCP Native LAN

Now Green it is Green when I quit the App

Thank you

It was offline from 8:00am to 9:22am.
I was away while it was off, but it was just the station that seemed to drop, the other devices connected to that AP didn’t report any issues.

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Thanks for the update. I’ve upgraded your hub to a test version of the firmware. It shouldn’t fix the issue but there’s some additional debugging code that should help me track down the issue.

@staff, I thought firmware 146 fixed the issue, but after almost 10 days my station just now (1:20pm PT) went inexplicably offline and the led turned red. All my other wifi devices are fine so I’m not exactly sure what happened :confused:

Update (1:29pm PT): just did a power-cycle and the station is now back online.

@rderr, it just happened again. Not even two days since the last time, this morning at 4:40am PT, the hub went offline again.

This is starting to bother me now. I have $10 Wi-Fi smart plugs that are more reliable than this $300 station.

It’s been going on since the beginning and it’s ruining the whole experience. If I’m not at home power cycling the hub, the product becomes essentially useless.

Do I have a defective unit? :confused:

9 days so far and no disconnects. 147 definitely made a difference for my unify setup.

I’m at 13 days with 147 now so it’s looking good…

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