Hub repeatedly drops offline

My hub has recently decided to repeatedly drop offline. It easily re-establishes connection after unplugging but it will drop back off within hours of doing so. I’ve tried resetting it, and I don’t have any extenders. The wifi connection is stable and strong once established (Ubiquiti UniFi network). What gives?

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I use also ubiquiti and it doesn’t drop (3 hubs). Can you share Station ID so we can have a closer look ?

See here how to obtain it


No issues here either. Have 4 Unifi AP’s all running UAP/USW Firmware

thanks all for the support - here’s my link:

I just reset the thing again and within 2 hours it’s back down. I’m about to bin it. The weather station I bought my dad has been running for 5 years straight and this thing can’t go 2 hours? Awful.

are your different networks unique in name ? (SSID)
You connected via the guest network ?
Using Mesh ?

those things can in some cases make trouble

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I only have one SSID and it’s connect to that - no mesh involved. It hasn’t always behaved this way - this is a recent issue. I even moved the hub closer to both the station devices and a wifi access point. It made no difference.

I pushed an upgrade to your hub, see if it helps … though there isn’t something special in there … RSSi values look ok, nothing special I can detect


thank you! I will check it out.

1 SSID, mean only 1 frequency or you use the same name for the 2 networks (2.4 and 5.0 Ghz ?)

If using both they need unique names, somehow the wifi chip that isn’t supped to see the 5 Ghz network does and gets confused if having the same name as the 2.4 Ghz network


1 SSID for both 2.4 and 5 ghz networks - sorry I’m not understanding, are you saying if they ARE separate SSIDs they need unique names? Or is there a problem with having both networks under the same SSID?

if they both have the same name, the hub can loose track. Unknown why … it is supposed to be 2.4 Ghz only but we saw from day one that in some cases it just drops when both have the same name. This is why we ask and suggest users not to use the exact same name for both networks. (different SSID)


That would make sense as to why it’s not working! I’ll give that a shot too. Thanks!

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This issue does depend on the access points to some extent. I have two Aruba 215s with both networks using the same SSID and have never had an issue.


I’m still struggling with this after separating my network’s 2 and 5g to their own SSIDs. Any ideas?

SOS! The hub is now disconnecting and not showing any status light at all - appears off, but it’s definitely powered as you can feel the heat. Is it possible to get a new hub? Do I need one?

Some hubs will turn off the light after a while. Does the light come on when you connect to it with Bluetooth with the app?

Contact support and they will help you.

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also change power supply, maybe it fried or can’t supply enough.


It does. It will also come back on after I unplug/replug.