Hub Remote Reset/Reboot

Is there a way to do a remote reset on the Tempest. It has stopped reporting lightning and I am not anxious to crawl back up on the roof!

Yes, I believe @eric should be able to do this for you. Be aware though that he is based in Europe, so may not be on until tomorrow (his time).

Good news!

I’d suggest that this might be a good thing to throw into the app…

In my case I can still see the Tempest communicating, but it isn’t ‘healthy’. Hoping a reset will help it.

What is your Station ID? It may save @eric some searching.


Thank you!

I’m afraid there isn’t much I can do remote
Your hub seems to be offline for 9 days now. Your Tempest might just be fine but since the hub isn’t online, nothing comes in.

Can you access your hub and reboot it or see into it that it can access internet via wifi ?

done. Back online. Let’s see if I get any lightning strikes. Likely storms in the next 24 hours (it is summer in Colorado after all).

I may be losing it, but I did seem to be getting wind data even when the hub was apparently offline. Is that even possible?

The Tempest can store some data hen it can’t reach the server … and once it comes online it backfills to server what is in the buffer, since it was running … it backfilled.

I just gave a reboot command to your Tempest.

Thank you. Is that API call available to me? For that matter, is there a list full API for the Tempest?

No there isn’t any way for you to call that at present time. It was mentioned as a future enhancement but no ETA. And I don’t have access to the road map neither … Won’t be on the short run according me. For now it is sending out orders and growing the network (without to much pain :wink: )

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Yea same thing has happened to my unit… The Lightning detection icon will will still flash with lightning strikes and the distance will update but the minutes since the last strike does not reset to 0 and the graph will not show the strikes. You can see here data stopped updating at 5:45 but the storm is still going and un recorded Station 21632

The Reset worked. I am seeing lightning strikes again. Wonder what caused it to lock up?

Mine started working again. It was weird I was seeing the graph being updated later as if the collection server was catching up .

Spoke too soon. New storm same problem-----

Resetting it has it working properly again so hopefully the problem can be patched or at the least have the ability to reboot it from the app

please see here

Would love to have the capability of rebooting the Tempest station and HUB remotely through the app. It’s not always possible to attend to the site of the station to reboot it.


Eric, Could you perform a remote reset on my Tempest? It stopped communicating with the hub a few days. My station is is 27216. Thank you!


I’m afraid that won’t work neither. I can send te command, the hub will receive it but there is no Tempest to reach even less to respond to the command.

Thank you for checking Eric. Take care.