Hub Online With No LED

My version 1 hub’s LED is going out while it is still online. I’ve had issues in the past with the hub going offline and I’ve had to power cycle it to get it back online. Now it is online but the is no green LED showing. I mistakenly cycled the power the other day thinking it had frozen again without checking to see if it was still online. I miss the LED letting me know that everything is OK. Firmware is 1.43. I can’t find a setting to change the LED setting anywhere. Station ID is 3971.


Yep, that happens indeed. Mine does the same. It is a small bug that will be addressed once a few other have been squashed. Basically they implemented the bricks in the code so we could regulate the led a bit in strength or turn it on/off. It isn’t fully finished and seems from time to time it triggers like a big boy …

It’s harmless but annoying when you have the habit to look at the led to be sure it all runs ok.
I’ll try to bring it up again and hopefully it’ll be in one of the next upgrades.
In the meantime, please use the app or webpage :innocent:


Just to say I noticed the same recently on my v1 hub and wondered what was going on, so thanks for the explanation @eric!


Typically, if I go near the hub and open the app, the LED will turn on.

Same here. Thought the hub died. But still online :blush: