Hub offline - blue light

Last night, I had my hub unplugged for a bit to rearrange my entertainment center. It has been offline ever since with a blue light. I have tried both unplugging and using the ‘pin reset’ multiple times with no change. It blinks green a few times, then returns to blue. It is sitting in the exact same spot that it has been since I first hooked it up in May. Have never had any connection issues.

When I go into the app on my phone / station / status, it shows both the hub and station offline. If I go into wifi setup, it gives a message that the hub is not connected. Under manage devices advanced, if I try replace device it also says the hub is not connected (so at least that’s consistent).

It’s super windy today (not sure how windy, since Tempest won’t come online :slight_smile: ), so would rather not climb up on my roof unless I know of specific steps to perform on the station to hopefully help. But with no snow in MN right now, I’d rather climb up there sooner rather than late because the roof will be snow covered before long.

Appreciate any assistance.


Blue means that some device (your phone) is connected to the Hub via Bluetooth.

I’m trying to figure out what it could be. I have Bluetooth turned off on all of our phones and tablets.

In the past we saw some weird situations like a smart watch linking to the hub, some audio device etc. if you have a battery bank, take the hub and power it outside the house where for sure no BT can be in reach and see if it persists blue.

I must have gotten BT turned off for whatever device was connecting. Then was getting solid red on the hub, even after the ‘pinhole’ reset. The hub is sitting in the exact spot it has been for over 6 months. When I go into wifi setup in the app on my phone, it says that the hub is not connected. I did have BT turned back on for the phone when doing so. But still wasn’t getting the blue light even with the phone BT turned back on. I even moved the hub to 1 foot away from my router, and still getting nothing but red light.

I have no idea what I did, but finally got it to go into the wifi setup, all previous attempts gave me an error. Once I went back through that wifi setup and turned off BT on my phone, seems like it’s back online. And even better, never had to go up on the roof in the wind to access the station.

I wish I could say what I did to fix the issue in case anyone is searching in the future, but I have no idea. What I had tried several times previously suddenly worked. Thanks for the responses.

And even better, I can now see 40 mph gusts since I’m back online, and I never had to climb up on the roof to access the station. :slight_smile: