HUB Not powering up after power down

My HUB (0661) was powered down this am at about 9am (UK).

When power was re-applied (after about 7 hours (we were having some supply work done) it failed to start up - no light nothing. Could not connect with BlueTooth. Pressing and holding the ‘reset’ button did not fix it.

Anything I can try to resurrect the unit?

I have already tried three different USB power supplies and 2 other known working USB cables.



Hub side you did about all that can be done, but did you check if the powerline is working normally after the works ???

If that is ok then you’re best solution is to contact @anon84912554 via mail/ticket

Please open a ticket at or by emailing

Thanks Eric. Checked all that and have already raised a ticket and I am being sent a replacement! Good service!



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