Hub Firmware update to 170 :hub:

My tempest will not go more than 90 seconds between reporting lightning strikes (report interval is 60 sec)
I am monitoring UDP to get this info. The app is filtering it out as it should. There is no lightning and has not been any within a thousand miles (verified against lightning tracking sites).
I was last on firmware 126 as reported and now it is at 170 with non-stop false lightning.
Nothing else (to my knowledge) as changed.
The reported distance is reported between 10 and 25 miles.
I am at 3788 reported lightning strikes today (and counting.

Anyone else seen this extreme of false reports?
I’ve read the many topics covering false strikes, but nothing this extreme.
This started going crazy today, yesterday the max count for the day was 5.

i guess some electric device in your neighbourhood needs looking after. You might try to locate it using an AM radio tuned to some empty frequency, and listen to the disturbance.

FWIW, firmware 170 is the hub firmware. What is the firmware on the Tempest sensor? Tempest firmware was updated well past v126 a year ago. Right now I’m seeing 150, 153, and 156 on Tempests.

The Tempest is on FW 150 so pretty recent.
I see a few strikes indeed and since I don’t see the disturber message, you’re in a rather quiet area and the Franklin sensor filter doesn’t work hard and is listening far. As said Sunny, something trigger an electric arc … and that can be several miles out. Try the radio method to listen for cracks that might indicate some arcing from a pump, old motor or even power lines.

As reported via UDP is firmware 170.
As reported by app device is 150 and hub is 146.
A few days ago the UDP reported firmware was 126 and the app reported 150 for device and 143 for hub.

I’m not sure what math is done since UDP only reports one number and the app has two.

As for the lightning count, I’m already at 3600 the day is not even halfway done.
I’ll have to see what radio I can dig up to due some searching.

Your hub is on 170 ant your Tempest on 150, that’s what is reported back office.

I see a total of 65 strikes on the same back end hence it is filtering out loads if you measure over 3500 over UDP. This seems to confirm something ‘locally’ is spamming the poor little Franklin sensor. If you can trace it, you might solve it. Not sur if the sensitivity can be tuned remotely as it is supposed to do so.

I think it needs to be a pretty big arc, as in really really big, if you want to detect it from several miles out. My guess is that it is a much more local thing.

So…unless the faulty equipment corrected itself at the exact time I moved the station…or…
It appears that mounting the station next to or with magnetic screws will activate the lightning detector.

I was double checking Magnetic North with a compass and it would ‘shift’ next to the station. I figured out that the deck railing screws are very magnetic. The deck is above the level of my roof so it doesn’t affect wind direction too much.

glad it is working now, but it is highly unlikely (a.k.a. impossible) for the static magnetic field caused from your screws to induce false lightning detection.

Hi Eric, can u tell me how I can get my Tempest FW above 134? It looks like the last state change was May 3rd?

Tempest upgraded as we speak

Ah, yes awesome! I see it just happened…it’s now at 156…thank u for responding!

What’s the most current FW?
I’m at 155 now.

Beware, this thread is mixing the FW from the hub and the one from the Tempest

at this moment most hubs are on 170 and the Tempest are migrating all to 156. Might take a few days since it is rather long and over 24k have to be done.

remember I suggested firmware naming to include a letter like H170 and T156, to avoid this confusion.

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Here is what I have:

HUB 170


Hi Eric,

Just thought I would add my 2 cents, my Hubs firmware is 147 and my Tempests firmware is 156.


just pushed your hub to FW170. Should be good to go.

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Thank you Eric, very much appreciated.

How long do you have to wait for the firmware to be pushed or does it happen at a certain time period in the day?