Hub Firmware Revision number

Is there a way to determine the firmware of a WF-HUB01 device without having to put it online and create a StationID for it ? i.e. I have an extra WF-HUB01 and I would like to know its firmware revision number without having to create an unneeded stationID. I scanned the QR code on the bottom. . . all it revealed was 00016312 (as in HB-00016312).

You can directly connect to it over BLE and request a read on the Firmware revision characteristic (2A26). Something like nRF Connect on iOS works for this.

I currently have it connected (BLE’d) to an Android Pixel 3 device. The Hub’s LED shows “Blue-color”. . .but there is no Tempest or any other WF device assigned to it. So, for Android. . .how / where do I go to “request a Firmware read characteristic” on the Pixel 3 device?

Looks like there is nRF Connect for android.

Just going off how this works on iOS so sorry if it isn’t exactly the same.
You would open nRF Connect, scan for devices, connect to the hub and then go to the “Client” tab and scroll down to “Firmware Revision String”. Tap the little down arrow and then the “Value” field should update with what the response was.

Thank you @cmorello. I installed the nRF app thru GPlay. The WF-HUB01 in question has FWR v126 on it. That tells me it was one from the “earlier days” of Tempest. . .most likely (circa) late Field Test or early Production Sample days.

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