Hub dropped offline

I received my station yesterday and just had time to set up the Hub and Air before having to travel to a work conference. This morning the hub has dropped offline. I know the Internet connection at home is fine as I can still connect to my VPN, but for whatever reason the Hub is refusing to come back on line.

I think I know the answer, but is there anything that can be done remotely to try and get the hub to reconnect? I don’t want to have to wait a week and a half till I get home!

Normally it requires a power reboot. Can you remotely reboot your Wi-Fi access point?

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That seems to have done the trick, but now my VPN doesn’t want to come back up! Oh well. I wonder why it dropped offline in the first place though…

Nope - I spoke too soon. The VPN is now back up so the internet is definitely working (the public IP address probably changed hence the delay to getting the VPN connection back), but the hub has only provided a single observation before dropping back offline. :frowning:

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Mine dropped off also. But since I rebooted the Hub everything works fine.
No drop off since Wednesday morning.
More folks had the same issue.

Yea I had to reboot my WiFi remotely three times before it seemed to stay connected. No idea what’s going on!

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Peter, it could be you Wi-Fi access point. What brand and model and how old is it?


Mine dropped off this morning at 1:20am PDT, but I didn’t notice until after I left so not sure what the light shows. This is the second time since I installed this that it has locked up, is this normal at this point? Guess I need to add a power switch for it… I’m using Google WiFi and the access point is very close.

My Hub keeps dropping off WiFi, LED is green then next day will go to blue and I have to reconnect it to my WiFi threw weatherflow the app. I have strong WiFi connection to the hub. Anyone else having this problem ?

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My station has been going offline on and off for several weeks, now it is offline permanately.
Tried the power off and on again.
Hub only showing red led.
Wifi modem showing link speed at 65Mbs and strength -44dBm.
Do I need a new hub?

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Red light indicates no WiFi.
How is your connection?
Did you reboot all devices (router, extender,…)
Have you tried to re-setup the WiFi when you are able to connect via Bluetooth?

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