Hub doesn't read sensors when powered up without internet access?

I think this is a bug but not sure exactly where it is. I went camping this weekend and took my mobile WF station with me. The place I went did not have any type of internet access. I figured that the worst case would be I would only see the current weather conditions on my tablet or phone. I powered up the hub and my Samsung Galaxy Tab E and opened the app. The hub light went from red to blue but I couldn’t see any current weather data from either AIR or SKY. The next morning I took the hub, AIR, and tablet with me on a bike ride and when I found a spot with cellular access I powered everything up and could read the data from AIR (the SKY was obviously out of range). I even received a notice on my phone that AIR - Mobile was now online. When I got back to my RV the hub started displaying info from SKY as well. :smile:

Just before breaking camp to come home I decided to power cycle the tablet and hub to see if it would connect without internet access and was met with the same issue. I had to wait to get to somewhere with internet coverage to get the sensor information to display on the app.

I thought it was supposed to work without an internet connection so am a bit confused. I’m not sure if this is an app or hub issue. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of powering up my iPad mini to see if it would work.


Well… it does and it doesn’t. The hardware works great without Internet service. I believe, however, the Android and Apple applications do not.

To take full advantage of the hardware with no Internet access I believe required some third-party applications.

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It is odd, then, that the app continued to work once it had started when I had a cell signal and then moved away from it. I know a bunch of the data back filled after I got in range of some form of internet coverage, even after power cycling the hub to see if it was a fluke that the app didn’t work the first time with out internet access.

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Not that my station is mobile, but what I remember from reading posts here, is that once you get beyond initial setup (which requires Internet) you should be able to access the hub through Bluetooth without Internet. I could test it later during the day (I’m not home right now)

Per @dsj in this post, I suspect that the root cause is that the Hub’s clock isn’t set:

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So, as a test, I enabled flight mode on my phone, and after that I enabled only Bluetooth. The app starts fine, but gives a warning about Network error. The LED on the hub turns blue, indicating the Bluetooth connection, but the values shown on the app do not update. That is not what I expected, but confirms your findings.


I agree and this is going to become an issue. I just became aware of this today.

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this is the answer from weatherflow in april:

@bpaauwe Good question. You CAN run your weather station without any internet connection or cellular connection. Here’s how it works…

Internet connection (or mobile cellular connection) is required only for initial setup to create app username/password and to configure your weather station. You can then physically locate your station anywhere and the HUB will broadcast data via BLE directly to the app, and via UDP.

You just need to make sure that you do not ‘log out’ of the app – as username / password is required to communicate with your HUB for security reasons. If for some reason your app logs out, you will need an internet connection to log back in – so that our servers can authenticate — again, for security reasons.

PS - the indicator light on the back of your HUB will glow red when there is no Wifi. It will glow blue when actively connected via BLE

but apparently that isn’t true currently. @WFmarketing

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Yes, a long as your phone or tablet is connected, your station should work fine, even without an internet connection. We’ll try to reproduce this this here - it’s possible a bug was recently introduced - and get to the bottom of this.

Yes, if the phone is not setting the time, that’s a bug. The phone should set the time on the Hub even if neither is connected to the internet. The issue in that other post is something else: no phone and no internet = no time. But we are working on a fix for that.

Actually, the “hub needs time before it can store data” issue has been us since the beginning. But it won’t be an issue when we fix it (soon). So, it’s more accurate to say “this is NOT going to be an issue much longer.” :smile:


Update: After much testing it seems this issue only applies to the Android app and is only an issue with AIR data (SKY works fine). More digging to do still but we’re hopeful it’s a simple bug with a simple fix.

Interesting, I wish I had tried my iPad. In my case, both SKY and AIR didn’t populate any data on the Android app.

Indeed when just disabling Internet on my phone both air and sky don’t update via Bluetooth

i can confirm this ,also noticed earlier in the week numerous times . just get a red led on the hub.when internet is down due to local district power outages . this is a new kit delivered september 2018 was never apparent on previous hubs or firmware . all weather kit and other station hardware is UPS powered but if electricity outage is district wide the internet goes with it. also the app wont open when no internet just get a blue logo screen . more reason to think about an option or inclusion for console in the future .

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if you get the red led it indicates no Bluetooth connection at all. If you open the app the light on the hub should turn blue. I think this thread is about no updates through Bluetooth when internet is down. So if you don’t see the blue light, something else must be wrong.

in all in hubs i have had total of 4 this is the first occurrence possibly firmware latest revision . if there is no internet the app does not communicate with hubs or open . so LED remains red regardless of bluetooth enabled or wireless . just tested pulled the internet plug out of router and HUB led goes red. regardless of ipads , iphone all permantly have bluettoth or wireless enabled.which indicates the app is trying to home …

Is that an Android phone or iOS?

We believe it’s a bug in the Android app, not the Hub firmware. Working on it…

Green = Internet but no Bluetooth
Blue = Bluetooth connection (possibly also Internet)
Red = no internet or Bluetooth

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hi david

iPad mini , iPad AIr 2 and iPad pro , iPhone 6 & 8 IOS no android stuff to test that out … if i unplug internet from router Hub shows red … what about turquoise i saw that for a few hours earlier in the week its a lighter shade of the blue , tried photographing it but capturring true color is pretty difficult especially when its bright .but not seen its since…

when internet disconnected if i close app and try reopening it just shows a blue screen with a logo and then shuts down after 30 seconds or more,

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This on Sony android 8.0

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Thanks. The Hub colors sound correct. The turquoise happens when both green and blue are lit at the same time - a minor bug that usually clears up and does not affect any functionality.

Hmm, that’s a bug then. Without internet, you should see the splash screen for a few seconds while the app tries to connect, but then it should give up and go to the main screen, using the local connection. Sounds like something in that “try to connect” process is crashing. We’ll investigate - thanks!

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We have beta builds of the iOS and Android apps that address this issue. As soon as we confirm resolution, we’ll push it to production.