Hub constantly losing connection? - try another USB power supply

I am regularly getting an email:

We haven’t heard from your Smart Weather station named “Davids House” in a while. The two most common reasons for this are (1) your WiFI is down or (2) your home network is offline. You can also try unplugging the WeatherFlow hub for 10 seconds - then plug it back in. For additional help, see troubleshooting tips.

And then anywhere from 1 to 45 minutes later, I’m getting another email saying I’m back online.

My Wi-Fi is never down, and my home network has redundancy with no loss of Internet connectivity.


check what firmware version?

47 on the hub
20 on the air.

Hi David. From our logs it looks like your Hub is rebooting quite frequently. This is most often due to a power issue. Please try using a different USB power supply and see if that makes a difference.

David, we just took a look at your Hub’s diagnostics and we are pretty confident this is an issue with the USB power supply unit (PSU). Be sure your PSU is rated to at least 1A. The USB cable can also be a culprit here, so if you swap out the PSU and still have reboot issues, try swapping out the cable as well.

I just put it on a tablet USB power supply rated 2.1 A. Let’s see if that fixes it. If it does, you might like to post this in the forums. You might want to check back and see if that fixes it.


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I have tried to other power supplies and another cable with the same results. Can you please check this? Still not working correctly.


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Hi David. Your data still shows something wrong with the power supply but we’d like to send you a new Hub just to be sure. Please open a ticket here or send an email to with your current shipping address and we’ll get that out to you ASAP.

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Hi David
Having the same problem. Plug the hub in stays on for about 10-20 seconds and shuts down. This started happening after I got the station named and the air sync’d. Started to sync the sky and the hub shut down. Noticed the firmware is 17. Guess you can’t update the firmware with no power.
Tried different cables.
Will open a support ticket


I was going to mount my sky, but I’m going to hold off until this is fixed. I do not want to have to bring it down to re-pair it again.

Best regards, David

For my own curiosity, can you pull the batteries in the Sky, reboot your Hub, delete the Sky from the config, and then run the firmware update? I’m thinking that there may be a compatibility problem between Hub v17 and the Production Sky hardware…

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After re-configuring a different access point and having the hub use it, the rebooting issue has disappeared. There must be some protocol conflict causing the hub to not work with my Asus router. I am now using a MikroTik access point.



I would not have guessed a failure to connect to a network would cause the system to reboot. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Update to my situation.
If you got your hub and air when they were first available and didn’t hook them up right away it didn’t get the firmware update. That said if you have firmware 14 update before you try to sync your sky. No problems after updating firmware.
Thanks William at Weatherflow


Thanks for the follow up :+1:

Good to know. I have a HUB & AIR from about 6-9 months ago that are still in the box. Waiting for the Production SKY before installing… will keep this in mind.

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It’s doing it again! Help! I now have a sky on a pole, and I cannot get back up there again to re-pair to a new hub.

hi David, I checked your station and it looks like SKY is reporting just fine. Let me know if you see otherwise.