Hub connected to WIFI but status LED is red


I’ve noticed a problem in the last few weeks… My hub is connected to a private WiFi network without internet access, and it is broadcasting reports via UDP, however the status light which previously was blue is now red. I’ve upgraded to firmware v47 but this problem still persists.

The firmware documentation for v35 suggests that a red status LED means “not connected to WiFi”, which definitely isn’t the case.

Also, as a suggestion, perhaps it would make sense for there to be a more fine-grained status: right now my station is always listed as “offline” in the app… perhaps it might be better to have the status be broken into WiFi connection state and the cloud connection state, as I am sure there are more than a few folks for whom not being connected to the cloud is an error :slight_smile:

It will only be Blue when you connect to the Hub via bluetooth. Red indicates loss of Internet.


Sorry, I meant green…

According to the documentation of v35, red indicates no WiFi connection… or is that a mis-statement and really means not connected to the cloud servers (and maybe/maybe not connected to WiFi)?

Red means no Internet connection. Green means normal. As it is now, a loss of Wi-Fi will also show as Red because there is no Internet connection.

I agree it would be nice to also indicate loss of Wi-Fi.

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Thanks for the clarification.

I guess I misunderstood the description… it might be nice to have, say yellow signify “connected to the wifi but not the weatherflow servers”, though it may be a case of only having a certain number of colors available.

Mines showing the same tonight (station 2403) Hub is connected to WFi, internet is working fine . Hub still sending UDP packets, but cant get the iphone app to connect. Was working fine this morning

Start by rebooting your phone. If necessary reboot the Hub.

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Rebooted both the Hub and phone, no change

Hub now wont connect to wifi, resetting it goes red immediately no green

Send an email to explaining the issue