How well is shipping going?



I just got my Sky here in Utah today. YEA! It took a few days to get through customs and then another few days for it get transferred to the USPS and finally delivered.


See Receive an extra SKY? for details and resolution.


I see US filled by SKYs (yellow)


Several Sky have been added. I expect to see a huge jump within this month. Be aware it will only show the stations that are set as public.


My Sky is now online! Can’t say enough good things about the WeatherFlow team. Setup was such a breeze and and love how the units look. Thanks so much!


so is the default setting public or private ? As you can tell I am new user waiting patiently on my christmas in June

Sorry I should of looked before I posted in wrong thread
WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station Map



I think “Public Data” defaults “Share Publicly” to on.


I hope this turns out to be true.
Waiting two years for product is a bit much to expect.
My Air + Sky order was placed on 6/22/16.


But you did not order a finished product 2 years ago.


You guys are champions at stating the obvious.
Less good at getting product out the door to early backers.
Shouldn’t you be busy working on the bird spike accessory that a whole lot of users apparently need?


But you can build your own bird spikes


But he did pay for one.


Gary, what is the red flag on the WF map? Kind of moves around!


It flags special stations.


What country?
As countries are being shipped to in different sequence, depending on frequency etc
This has all been explained


Hi @edtimm Actually the whole project is an elaborate ruse. Nothing is true. We staged a 20-year-old company with a long history in weather tech, then we may or may not have sent fake stations to 1300+ users around the world last year and published an app in the app stores. We paid @GaryFunk to create a fake map of live stations. More recently, we faked some dummy SKY devices, sent them to 1000+ people and asked them to post staged photos. It’s all a scam.

Ah come on, laugh a bit. :rofl: They are just weather stations, and there’s a team of talented, dedicated, and honest humans at receiving end of your relentless criticism just trying our best to create something revolutionary. We are still stoked to have you as a customer despite all the tomato throwing.


HA! Keith has a sick sense of humor. I LOVE IT.

@WFstaff You owe me $1.98 for the Map.



buy him a bag of sweets keep him happy till it arrives …know matter how hard you try there will always be a minority that will sit there and spit there dummy out… hope thats a champion stating obvious reply…all good things come to those that wait money cant buy everything when you think it will…sure you will mellow out when it arrives…


At least on this forum (supporting weatherflow weather stations) all answers are posted in forum you do not have people who read scripts , string you on for 2-3 days and then tell you to check your e-mail does that sound familiar, and they also have a new improved weather station that has been going to be released now for at least a yr now , but I think they have too much older obsolete Inaccurate temp readings stock to get rid of first
nobody had to invest in the fundraising of weatherflow they could of waited and purchased one at a higher price when they go on public sale , and if nobody did invest in the fundraising of this product through Indiegogo I am sure if Weatherflow would have had to gotten a loan for research ,testing and production you could least double or triple the cost of units .
I Just Want to Thank them for Making state of the art equipment affordable for people like me



Congrats! I installed my SKY yesterday. Loving it, so far.