How to publish my Tempest weatherstation reading to website

I just installed the Tempest Weatherstation and I was looking how to publish some of the readings like temperature, rain, pressure, wind, UV and lightning.
Perhaps there are already some (PHP) scripts I could use, but I didn’t find them.
I was thinking about integrating it on my opening page in a iframe with about width=“1100” height=“160”.
Does anyone could help me with this?

Are you wanting it on your own personal website?

I am working in a product that will do just that. PM me if you are interested in helping with development as a beta tester.

Hi, yes on my personal website.
I build my website in HTML and a few pages with PHP script for some purposes. I do understand HTML but just a little bit of PHP. Thats why I asked for such a script.
Looking forward to test your script.

P.S. could not send a Personal Message!
Regards, Henk

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Henk now you should be able to send a PM, pushed your level 1 up.

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I have leave you a PM
I can support you with testing off you code on a internal/external LAMP (Linux, Apache,Mysql,PHP) environment and access to my own Tempest

I run a Wordpress personal website and I will start testing my new Tempest integration soon. not sure if your solution is for Wordpress but if you need a beta tester for Wordpress let me know :+1:t2:

If you’re looking for a wp plugin, then there’s @pierre plugin that has Weatherflow as standard data source included

Weather Station

Great, will try it. Thanks.

I guess you do realise that the weatherflow Tempest pages work in an iframe. Just to be sure that you do this would be an example using my station.
Something like this:

But I use the iframe to display a graph like this:

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Ian, thanks for your suggestion. But I am looking for a ‘clean’ visualization of the weather, it should fit into the frame area without scrolling. I am looking for something I have with my former weather station as on my website
I guess someone would have a script that could handle this. A little modification is no problem.