How to Integrate with Amazon Alexa [Video]

I put together a quick video for those who like visual instructions on how to setup Amazon Alexa Integration with Weatherflow.

For anyone interested:


Great work! It would be great if someone made a similar video explaining IFTTT and Smart Things integration.

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Thank you!

IFTTT is next and once the smartthings integration is released I’ll be doing one on that as well!


Sounds great!

Unfortunately it is not available in my country store

Are there any plan for makint it available worldwide?


Same here in France. When will the French version of the Alexa skill available? A work around is to use IFTTT of course.

I wanted to activate the advertised Alexa integration, but the skill “Smart Weather” seems to be unavailable in my country (Germany)

Any update when we can expect that to work?

At present (double checked) Alexa is currently available in English in US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. New English speaking countries are coming. For localised versions (read translated), planned but no ETA

A Alexa skill that works in France .

Christophe, reply to your question just above your post. Not in localised languages yet.