How to edit wifi settings that are already working

I can’t get my android settings to edit WIFI Setup. Bluetooth is on, the hub is paired and operational with one wifi network. I want to put the hub on a different wifi network. The settings app keeps telling me to restart the phone app, or power off/on the hub, and be within 10 feet. None of this helps.

How can I get into settings again like I did the first time?

Thank you.

Hi Kevin,
Is your Android phone gps location turned on in the phone settings? That is what I always forget to do.
And do not connect the phone bluetooth to the hub.
The led on your hub should be blue to indicate a bluetooth connection to your phone.
It is explained here:

If your hub led is blue then you should be able to go into the Tempest ‘settings’ - station -wifi and change it.
If that is not the solution then when I have problems I click ‘INFO’ at the top of this page then select
‘Help Center’ or ‘Troubleshooting’ and burrow down.
I hope this helps
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hi Ian,
Thank you. I did have gps on, but I had tried to connect blue tooth to the HB device on my phone before accessing Tempest settings. With the HB device unpaired, I was able to open Tempest settings and get to the wifi settings. Thanks again!

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