How to download data from tempest weather system

Hi everyone.

I just got my tempest weather system and I would like to know how I could download the data collected into my computer. I am a Mac user.
Thanks in advance

You have several options. Basically or you use the UDP stream and catch it locally or you go for one of the options to pull it from WF servers.

Details are on this page but there are already many scripts available from other users in this section.

It all depends a bit on what you would like to achive and what your ‘coding’ skills are (or not like me). The community will help you if needed, just post the good questions :wink:

Happy discovery.


If you are like me, you’ll learn that there is no easy way that you can download your data directly from Weatherflow. If I’m wrong, I’d love to learn how.

You will get some suggestions to setup a Raspberry Pi computer or do some “simple” coding. Personally, I found these well intentioned but of little help.

Other stations I’ve had make this fairly easy. Not Weatherflow. Improvements to the iOS app are appreciated and the history tab shows that the data is there. How to get it?

I purchased Weather Display and am running it on a dedicated Windows 10 laptop. It’s great and provides .CSV data files as well as premade reports. I do not know if the program runs on a Mac.

Just wanted you to know that you are not alone in the search for an easy way to download YOUR data.

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actually it is relatively easy. just click on the API link at the top of this page. select Rest. authorize yourself, and retrieve the data you want from the period you want in cvs format.


Thank you. Is this process common knowledge and I’m the only one ignorant about it? I’m glad to learn about the capability.

That might be the most impossible to answer question ever asked here.

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yes you are the only one ;-)… just kidding. The API is of course intended for people that want to access the data from some other computer program. However the “try it out” button, gives you the opportunity to just download the data without writing any program. Pretty easy!