How to delete a location

Maybe this is a dumb question but, how can I delete a location from the IOS or Android app. I currently have 2 locations that I can choose from…my station, and a location (which is the city I live in). Not sure how the location got there but I just really only want to see my station. Every time I go into my Apple Watch app it shows me both.

There is a “Current Location” that can’t be removed that updates based on your device’s GPS. I believe if you don’t allow location permissions then it will hide that location, though it might just not populate the stats.

I’ll see if we can add a toggle in the app to disable this location in a future build for those that don’t want it displayed.

Also if it is a location you added, then to delete it you just swipe it to the left on the location list and a “Delete” button will show up.

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OK, thanks much. I confirmed that I can add a random location and remove it. Good to know that’s the current location.

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