How to connect WF Air to Tempest Hub?


I have had Tempest hub 1579 up an running for a year. I also have a WF Air from previous device that I would like to add as an indoor tempature and humidity sensor. I can’t seem to connect the WF Air to the Tempest Hub. I am using my iPhone to run the Tempest app. The LED on the hub turns blue when I run the app. I click on Settings, Stations, Select my station, click on Manage Devices, then click on the plus sign at the upper right corner. I place the batteries in the Air and close the cover. The green LED flashes 10 times, then glows steady for about 5 seconds. The LED on the hub flashes blue/cyan, but the Air is never “found”. Am I doing someting wrong, or is the WF Air not compatible with the Tempest Hub?


Did you reset the Air ? Press long on the led till it flashes slow green.

Also some Air and hubs don’t like each other. Depends. Try already to reset the Air and try again.

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What country are you in? Some parts of the world have products on different frequencies, and it is possible that the old Air/Hub combo are on a different frequency than the new Tempest’s Hub…

I was told to use two hubs, one for the air and one for the tempest, but I’m in the Netherlands and the frequencies are incompatable, which explains it. I don’t know where you are.

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Thank you, all! Resetting the Air unit worked and it is now working. So, I guess that the frequencies are compatible.