How to clear the rain count during mounting Tempest

While mounting the Tempest on the pole it registered some rain. How can I delete this amount?

Go to settings > stations > choose your station > manage devices > choose the device > advanced > delete all data.

Thanks. Too bad there is not a feature to be more specific on which data to delete or even edit and adjust.

well i just set mine up yesterday and i just followed the instructions. make sense when mounting that all the sensors would get whack but i can see how you would not want to erase everything if you had to move the station after having it setup.

This is what I do when I need to move a sensor, such as the Tempest.

Moving Tempest to a new location

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Thank you for posting this. Since i am going to raise mine up with some pipe i figured turn it off get everything ready turn it on and quickly mount to place. to minimize the vibrations

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