How to change which device appears on WF map

The Air in my garage shows up on the WF map. How can I change this to my Tempest instead ?


I’m not sure I fully understand your question but I’ll give it a go!

If your Tempest and air are both registered under you one account you open the Tempest App, click on the “settings” gear at the bottom. Under the Manage area click on “Stations” pick your Tempest then click on the “Location” then move the map around until you have the pin placed on the correct location. Click the Checkmark, you will go back one page scroll the page UP and make sure you hit the “Save” button.

Is this what you are referring to?

If not we will need better information to help you.

Thanks for the help. That map is working fine.

It’s the TempestWF map I’m referring to. It’s at the correct location etc, but given that I have 2 sensors (one outside, one inside), the TempestWF map is showing the garage temp, not the outside temp. Looks like I have a different climate in my yard than at the neighbours :slight_smile:

Station # 25741

With your Tempest, did you install it on your old Hub or did you set up a new Station with the new Hub?

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I’m still not following you.
when I go to your station it is showing the outside temp. Not the garage?

It’s the new Tempest hub.


So, if you are running 2 different hubs, one for the Tempest and one for the SWS, we need to switch the hubs Master assignment in the WF system. DM me with your Hub numbers and what hub you want as the master. This should correct the reporting on your Tempest app.

Yes thanks, and that’s correct. Brrr this

Now go to the World map display of stations within the WF app. That’s where I’d like to change it from the garage to tempest device.

I think I have you issue figured out, DM me and lets see what happens! lol

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Gary you put me on the right track! I was lost in the weeds! LOL

You’re awesome with your energy today. Great !

There is a single hub, the new one that came with Tempest. I have 2 Air devices and 1 Tempest device connected to the single new hub.

Lol this community is great. Best of help anywhere!

I’ll contact Gary in a bit. Thanks to everybody.

You have the Air, Sky and Tempest all on the same Hub. You added the Air first so that is the Primary.

Open a support ticket and ask that the Tempest be the primary device.


Ah that’s why ! Maybe something for future revisions of the app/hub.

Thanks all for helping along here.

All the best from Canada for a renewed country down there.