How much sun is needed to support operation?

I have had a Tempest for a bit over a month. Looking at the battery voltage, it has been slowly losing ground to the point of turning off the Haptic sensors.

The fence line is almost exactly E-W. The location is in the clear, and right now receives at least 6 hours a day of direct sunlight, and is never in deep shade. There really isn’t any place else to move it which will significantly increase the isolation.

I had a look and indeed it has symptoms of bad charging. Your picture shows your Tempest should be charging normally in those conditions.

Please do open a support ticket and customer support will double check and eventually replace it if needed. It might take some time for them to come back to you but they will. Sorry this is happening but it will be solved.


Thanks for checking. I have already opened a support ticket, but as this seemed related to recent topics, I thought I would ask here. Will be patience.

I find it humorous, and you may as well, that my “day job” is working with CubeSats. Tiny satellites about 4" on a side. Probably the biggest technical challenge is balancing the charging and equipment loads. What is happening to my Tempest is very typical of CubeSats, though usually a couple of years into their mission.



several causes possible
the regulator is not doings it’s job correctly
a solar panel is … flawed
some other component is draining to much due some fault …
or a combination of several or all causes

always hard to say from a distance if there isn’t a full tracing in place like in your little cubesat (cute thing btw)

It took a couple of days for tech support to get to me, but after looking at the data and a picture of my installation, they sent me a replacement unit. The new one is performing perfectly. The battery voltage is steady, with a slight day/night variation as expected. Outstanding device, great tech support.