How many Weather Flow Tempest Stations are there?

OK, question for the day:

How many Weather Flow Tempest stations are installed? I can see them all over the map, and curious how many are installed.

I’m sure some out there that know.


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As of today 11986 active stations worldwide. And no don’t ask a breakdown pro region, I can’t do that:-)


Are all 11986 TEMPEST, or are some of those SWS?

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active stations means all SKY/AIR and Tempest versions

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wow, that’s a lot! but hopefully soon even a lot more

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several thousands more to come … soon.


I’m looking for a ballpark-accurate count of the number of Air+Sky and Tempest stations currently out there in the field, if that’s something anybody has handy. The map is close to readable now so there have to be a ‘lot’ out there but how many would be cool to know.


Around 12,000…

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yes, I was looking for a Tempest vs. Air+Sky split too