How many are using Power Boosters

I kind of emulated his method. Although I did have an issue getting all that extra cable re-coiled. I started around a thick dowel and that did not work well. Worked on a flat disk and kept turning and that did work. I will post pictures. I have also worked on a plastic ice cream container to hold the coils but I have to rework them as the larger coil it too large in diameter. But I am spending too much time on this true nonsense but I know how SHE will react!!!

Yes, and that is the same PBA you have. The rubber plug goes in the notch shown in the picture below.

You can also put the plug in without routing the wire through it, running the wire down the center of the pole instead.

I did not get any rubber plug(s).


When I got my WF-PBA01 back in early 2022…the “rubber plug” was inside a very small zip-lock bag like the one shown below so it wouldn’t be lost in the box.


I did get the lube, zip ties and screws but no rubber plugs

Those containers have so many uses it’s almost like they created them for that. But their flavors are so much it’s an added bonus really. Mmmmmmmm…

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Great for peaches and nectarines. Yes, they do have some terrific flavors.

Although, lately I’m into Trader Joes Mint chip ice cream. Since I have a fracture of the femoral condyle, I’m on my frozen calcium diet - ICE CREAM. Speeds healing and mood swings.

Oh, and I did find those rubber plugs.

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Well, today, I again tackled the installation of my Power Booster. I decided to reroute the wire inside the 10 foot long antenna mast. It was not a trivial project for one person. First I had to detach the mast and Tempest from its fence post without it smashing me or the Tempest. I have to weave the wire and the attachment clip for the battery module. I had used a combination of hose clamps and zip ties and they had to be loosed without losing control of the mast.

That done I had to figure out how the wire goes through the Tempest fittings. There’s a statement that you remove the LEVEL Bubble to allow the wire through. It appears it is not the entire plate holding the little bubble but just the smaller than dime size bubble itself.

Now the cable is still about 20 feet too long so that meant threading and re-threading the cable into the mast by folding it on itself and pulling it through and back through the hollow mast pole. This did not go as smoothly as hoped but as non-smoothly as expected. Plug end got pulled back into the mast and my folded cable came out twice as I was adjusting its length. I think with assistance this might have been easier. Folding the cable, more or less into thirds and feeding it through with an electrical fish tape might have eased the process. I did use fish tape but had to travel back and forth those ten feet and as indicated, pulled the cable too far one way or the other. A bit of futzing and the cable was was wired.

Now it needed to be re-erected again - Laurel and Hardy do it one person! But no one was injured in the process. But done and much neater looking. Wire is internal to mast till it emerges to connect with the battery module…

Now is there a way to tell it the Tempest is receiving battery power to ensure that I did not sever the cable in my repeated manipulations!!!

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Hook all the PBA parts up including power and measure the voltage across the two outer pins on the PBA wafer. It should be somewhere between 3.5-4V.

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Thanks for the info and suggestion.

But with a fractured femoral condyle I am not climbing ten feet up into the air and with me playing both Laurel and Hardy raising a Tempest that high in the air - I am not going to undo my endeavor and not going to happen anytime soon!

Again, thanks.

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ST-00134136 is detecting a power booster on batteries (at least that’s what I see)


My Power Booster is powered by my landscape lighting(24v) which I put an extension wire on to the Booster, put a barrel plug on the end, and use that to power the Booster. It only comes on at night and is at a constant 2.77V. During the day I let the sunshine do its thing.

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Where do you see that value? Some offshoot of Settings, I gather.

PBA gizzards

There is no way for users to see this (yet and I hope it will come some day). We can see this in our internal portal.

cast your vote here if you want



I presume this was a reply to me about the external power? I see the other longer quote. So NOT available to ME? :grinning:

Very clean installation my OCD likes this

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I was under the assumption the Power Booster was only there to send extra juice to the internal battery when the level got low. My booster does the same thing. At night when my landscape lighting comes on the power level go’s to 277v… during the day when its Tempest battery only it go’s down with usage(unless its a very bright and sunny day at which time it stays at 277v) I think the fluctuation is good for the battery not to cause false voltage readings.

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I, too, would appreciate more clarity on how the Power Booster works. Like you, I’m under the assumption that the booster is idle as long as the solar charged battery is above a certain level. That is, it does not kick in during night time hours (or every night/dark period) if the solar battery contains a sufficient charge. It is periodic if the power falls but not daily.

Also keep in mind…that IF the Power Booster Accessory (PBA) is used with the supplied AC Adapter and it is plugged in to a power source. . .the booster will keep the battery “topped-up” to maximum voltage c-o-n-t-i-n-u-o-u-s-l-y for as long as the adapter is attached. I did that in mid January where my area experienced 13 days of below zero temperatures and totally overcast sky. Both of my Tempest devices were at full battery level. . .2.78v and 2.81v thru the duration. I 'd since removed them from their respective power boosters. . .because the Tempest devices are now getting ample sunshine each day. So now the solar panels are allowing the battery charge controller circuit to “top up”: the batteries during the day. . .then the batteries (just a large capacitor) slowly drains back down to ~ 2.60v at night which is normal. I do not use the 4x or 8x Energizer Lithiums in the battery control box of the power booster. If I want my Tempests “booster’d up”. . .I used the AC adapter until they reach max voltage. . .then the PBA is removed.