How long for Continuous Leaning to take effect

I have just relocated from Hawaii to Texas. Obviously a dramatic change in both Temperature and Humidity. I set up my station and 2 Air devices. The temperature is spot on. The humidity readings on one are 43% and the other 24%. Using the map feature I have found numerous stations surrounding me and they are all reading 34% as is the local weather station and an inexpensive unit I have, which is side by side with my devices. I believe the devices are supposed to learn and calibrate from surrounding stations. How long does that take?

It can take several days. How long has it been? And did you set up a new Station when you moved?

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It has only been 24 hours. Yes I did set up a new station with the move.

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Give it two weeks and it should be done.

Come back here in August and tell us about the temperature and humidity. At least it’s not as bad as South Vietnam.

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You need to give things a few more days to settle in.