How long do Batteries last?

Agree with my Field Tester colleagues! I have worked with four different SKY units and two different AIR units during the testing program and none of them showed any sign of chewing through batteries.


Let me know if you want me to ship SKY-1221 up for a visit… :rofl:


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My Sky looks like it is getting ready to run down my new batteries. Something must be wrong. Station 1565.

Maybe check to make sure one battery not inserted wrong way around


All inserted correctly

When you get time, check the voltage on each. Maybe one went bad.

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Out of curiosity, is this a normal battery charge profile for the Sky & Air?


the recommended batteries, alkalines ???

Yep, the exact ones recommended in the documentation

I’d say they are following usual pattern. The Air is going down slowly and that’s normal as it is using way less energy then the Sky …
The sky typically dives at some point as you can see higher in this thread.
Maybe winter period adds to a more acute drop as every battery is sensible to temperature.

I’d say, start buying a new set for the sky as it will last a bit more but will drop quickly once they go under 3V. Some hang on a few weeks or like mine, 1 week later and game over :slight_smile:

here is a graph of typical behaviour of the Energizer

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Okay, that’s a bit faster than I expected overall but I suppose since I’m not running the Sky in power saver mode that’s to be expected.

Thanks for the feedback!

My Air is still on its first set of batteries, but I’ve just installed set three in my Air. This last set lasted a few months. I switched to the battery saving mode which is I guess what I should have done all along. My air speed seems more accurate now too.

The solar power unit can’t come soon enough for me.

Had to replace my sky batteries at 7 months. Not sure if that is average or not. I think I expected about a year, so not bad. Worst part is getting one of the grandkids to go up the ladder.