How long before support emails me back for an RMA/replacement?

Our Tempest no longer communicates with the hub. We’ve tried all troubleshooting for 2 weeks.

I created a support ticket Sunday, still no response. How long has it been taking to get a response lately? and how long does it take to get a replacement station?

My station stopped communicating with the hub a month ago and the haptic sensor for rain has never worked right (one day we received 6" of rain with a old school rain gauge next to the station and the station reported .25" of rain… it’s never reported rain properly since day one and I’m in Georgia where it’s rained DAILY for 3 months.)

Would you please let us know your stations ID (see top right SUPPORT menu)?
So, we could have a look onto. Maybe some of us has an idea to help you.

Support is quite busy currently but normally, they will contact you quickly.
Please let us know if they do.

What did you do already to try to get the station / tempest / connection up again?

If your station ID = 24090 then the Tempest isn’t linked to the hub at all right now. Did you delete it ?

Hello all! Our station ID under the Tempest when you remove the bottom cap and see the on/off button shows 3899. Did not delete from hub, but it’s been offline for a good month or so. When I tried to launch app and troubleshoot the station was not in the app any longer. I did uninstall/reinstall the app but didn’t unpair the station from the hub (to my knowledge)

Support emailed me back this morning, so hopefully will get this resolved soon!

that is the serial number of your Tempest device, not station ID

See here

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Sorry, Eric, haha! You guys sent me a replacement unit and it was up and working the next day! Thank you guys for getting a replacement out so quickly!


So how long did you end up waiting for them to get back to you? Did you speak to anyone or was all communication via this method?

I think I sent an email via website on a Sat/sun… No response for 3-4 days… Posted on the community forum on a Wednesday 9/16… Weatherflow folks immediately followed-up via this post and via email… Replacement unit shipped 9/17 and arrived on 9/19 (Saturday via UPS or Fedex, I forget) and I installed it 9/20 within a few minutes! Honestly, very good turn-around! Prob would of had it 2-3 days earlier if not for the no rsponse via emailing through the website but I’m happy and well is well again!

@t3chworx, great thank for the heads up.