How is the forecast derived?


Where can I find information on how the forecast data shown in the Tempest app is derived and if/how my station and those around me are used as input to the forecast?

Thank you.

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That’s a good question. It is a proprietary forecast direct from WeatherFlow, so the exact details are probably part of their intellectual property (I would assume). There is some detail here:, but perhaps @dsj could add something further?


Hi @tim.feeney This is indeed a good question!

The forecast data displayed in the Tempest app is produced by WeatherFlow. Our modeling systems start with data from a variety of third-party sources, including global and regional numerical models from US and European weather agencies, as well as WeatherFlow’s in house regional numerical models. The forecasts are then enhanced using the rich source of WeatherFlow observations in WeatherFlow’s proprietary machine learning (AI) forecasting platform to improve the forecast for your specific location.

Improvements are made to the local forecast as the machine learning (AI) ingests observations from your Tempest System and other observations in your area. We pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the observations coming from your Tempest and our Continuous Learning AI seeks to improve the quality of your unique observations. You will notice advantages in accuracy over other forecasts starting about ~60 days from installation, and then you will see additional improvements going forward as we learn more about your local weather.


Has the new feature of using stats from your station to improve your local forecast been activated

Yes, see above and these Forecast FAQs

Thanks. Nice to know it has been activated. Remember it being stated that it was being held back. Glad its working. So if i have my SKY/AIR running and my new Tempest running, the stats from my 2 stations plus stations close to me will help give me a more precise local forecast. How far from my station would they go. 1,2,4 or 5 miles away or farther