How Do You Get The Tempest Widget To Display both Tempest Stations

I’m curious if you’re able to display temperature from both of my Tempest stations (they are in one account)? What you see in my background is coming from my Tempest station at home. Would like to see my home station and my vacation station spot’s station in the background. @WFsupport @WFstaff @corrineb

Not sure this is a limitation of Apple or not implemented. I found no way to ‘edit’ the widget.

Let me tag @cmorello in. Would it be possible like the other widgets to ‘flip over’ and choose what station to show ?

Thank you! It would be cool if it’s possible.

So editing the lockscreen widgets are different than homescreen ones, not sure why apple made it different.

What you do is you go into “edit” mode on your lockscreen, like you would when you add a widget and then just tap on the widget you want to edit. This should bring up a list of all your stations and locations.

It’s a little counter-intuitive, but you are able to set multiple widgets up and have them point to different stations.

Let me know if you need more help and I can screen-record how to do it.


Got it! Thank you!

Hey @cmorello, I’m curious if you’re able to replace the forecasted high/low in the widget that I’m currently using with the actual recorded high/low temperature reported by the Tempest station?