How do I reset Tempest - Inaccurate data

In the last couple of hours, my Tempest is suddenly reporting glaringly wrong wind speed ratings, showing a gust up to 37mph and numerous reading over 20mph when there has nothing been over 10mph.

The station is about 2.5 weeks old on a sturdy mount with the thorns on the top… I went outside and was physically looking at the station and watching on the app to see stray reports, and while watching it hit 30mph when actual wind was under 5mph and there were no birds or anything I could see that could be causing problems up at the station.

For the last hour our two, it has been showing wind readings about 10mph higher than actual and when appears dead-calm out still showing around 10-11…

I tried unplugging and restarting the hub. Hoping there was some way to do a reset without needing to climb onto the roof to access the on-off switch in the base.

Very disappointing.

Looking at the device, it all seems normal, except perhaps for the crown of thorns seems a bit lower/farther than on the top than I had placed it (odd)

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