How do I clear the update notification?

I see there’s an update for wfpiconsole, but I can’t update yet since my pi isn’t running bullseye.

How can I clear the upgrade notice on the screen so I can continue to use the existing version? Rebooting doesn’t seem to clear it.


Look in lib/ around line 111 and comment out the line saying:


I’d suggest throwing a comment in there to remind yourself that you hacked on the code, and also maybe some top-level readme file to be able to know what you changed long in the future when you forget you did so…


Worked! Thanks @vinceskahan!

A shorter term solution for me was to just touch my screen, though it reset overnight.

Longer-term was I upgraded to Bullseye.

I’ve touched the screen so many times trying to dismiss the window that I was afraid the police were going to come after me for aggravated assault. :smiley: