How do I change my user ID? (@userxxxx)

Any idea how/where to change my boring user ID? Thanks!

Do you mean the user ID you have on the forum here ?

I’d be interested in that answer as well.

I don’t think that is possible at the User Level. The one I have is what I picked when I became a Tempest Field Tester. . .and is locked down. . .I can’t change it. You might have to go thru WF Support either by submitting a ticket. . .or using the Chat feature when they have the Zendesk opened up.

If you want to change your user name on this forum just PM me the name you would like. I can do this for you.

I just changed mine. Click on the round icon representing your account at the top right. Select the ‘person’ icon far right. Select ‘preferences’, scroll down to ‘Name’, make your changes in the box and select ‘Save Changes’.


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That only changes your actual name, not your username.