History tab carries over rain data from previous day for a while

I didn’t get a chance to verify this on anything but my Android phone using v3.40(71). I noticed that on 1/1/2020 at 0136 that there was more rain accumulation and rain minutes than what showed on the graph. All the accumulation was carried over and some of the time was carried over. Later that morning things were correct. It appears that some data is carried over past midnight. This was the case on all WF rain detection equipment at my location. Here are screen shots showing two of the station’s data (5075 and 5080).

This issue does appear on the web, too.

@gizmoev Thanks for the report. We are taking a look.

Hey @gizmoev,

Good catch on this one! We identified that there was a small window of time where rain accumulation would incorrectly carry over from the previous day. An API update was pushed this morning to fix this issue.