Hi guys, would 1/4 Inch Diameter pipe fit the tempest?

I’m sure you mean 1-1/4" there.

See Photos of Tempest Installations :tempest: - #4 by vreihen for the one true cheapest alternative. MANY of us have used this successfully.

Sharing the biggest thing that I learned from 25+ years of amateur auto racing:

Pipe is measured by INSIDE diameter, since it transports liquids/gasses inside.

Tubing is measured by OUTSIDE diameter, because it is a structural component and the inside space isn’t relevant.

The maximum diameter tubing that works with a WF Sky or Tempest’s mast mount is 1-5/16" OUTSIDE diameter…and that is a tight squeeze…

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Are these clamps ok for this pipe? I plan to reuse the ones I currently have installed. I think it should be fine.

Just use what you have. Be sure to get stainless bolts and nuts so you can quickly install/remove things. I found that it’s pretty easy to just squeeze the clamp ends and hand-tighten the nuts then let the hanger ends spring back. No tools required.

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Are these [“steel conduit and pipe hanger”] clamps ok for this pipe?

@user152, yes, probably. I use hangers just like that to hold the chain link fence rail that holds my Tempest. In my case, the clamps are mounted to a leaning fence post such that bottom of the rail/pipe touches the fence post and the clamps are mainly controlling the pole angle, not necessarily taking much of the weight.

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