Henri hitting ground

For those wanting to have some details

Remember WF has StormTrack

For those under it or near, be safe !

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How do I get my station to report to Storm track?

it’s another division of WF. Already zoom in to your place and see if it’s already there.

I’ll ask internally how that works and if Tempest stations are inserted or only their pro stations.

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thanks Eric. I don’t see my station but I do see other non Tempest weather stations reporting. I am reporting my data to underground weather and pwsweather

There’s multiple layers of station selection checkboxes on the bottom left of the page. One of them is Tempest. Un-check all of the others to see just Tempest.

They are apparently being very selective in the location of stations they use, and are only using a few CWOP stations in my area…

you can select tempest stations and weatherflow stations on the map, so I guess they are both available. For sure my non-pro, tempest station is on the map.

All the boxes were checked off but it wouldn’t show my station. I set it to Tempest only, then my station displayed. I then checked all the boxes again and my station was still displayed. Weird. But thanks for the help

The center of circulation of Tropical Depression Henri actually moved westward inland so far that it is over us in NY State right now! Barometer is 29.70 inHG, calm winds, very light drizzle. Storm total was only 2.11" of rain, since the storm’s rain shield did a dry-slot pinwheel around us.

To our south in New Jersey, they had 8+ inches of rain and flooding. Ditto for Long Island and Connecticut, which also took the brunt of the wind…