Help on preventing false readings

I would like to know if unplugging the hub for tempest first is the best way to prevent false readings when I have to move my tempest. I know you can switch tempest off but you could still cause a false reading before you turned off the switch. Thanks

the tempest will buffer its data when the hub is offline, so you will have to wait some time before touching the tempest (I think it is an hour, but I might be mistaken). Of course you will loose the data. The question is, what is worse loosing an extra two hours of data (the same thing happens when you want to turn it on again), or a possible false rain measurement.

If you want to move the Tempest while preventing false rain readings, you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Unplug the Hub. (this prevents Tempest observations from reaching the Hub)
  2. Take Tempest off its mount and power off the Tempest. (this stops all observations from being recorded by the Tempest and clears the internal memory)
  3. After moving the Tempest, relocating Tempest, performing maintenance, place Tempest over the mount, power on the Tempest, and quickly lock Tempest back on the mount. (remounting Tempest quickly while it starts up will allow time to lock the Tempest back on the mount before observations can start recording to its internal memory)
  4. Power on the Hub.

If done correctly, you will successfully prevent any dreaded false rain reading. The only observations not recorded will depend on the amount of time the Tempest and Hub are off.


stupid me… of course when you unplug the hub you don’t have to wait an hour, because you’re going to turn the tempest off anyway, loosing the data.

thanks very much, when I’m ready to start up again should I plug the hub in first? Again thanks.

Turn on Tempest, mount Tempest, and then turn on the Hub.