Height and location of tempest

Good morning all. My Tempest is 8 feet above ground. Hard to find a clear area in my yard. I have to hooked to my fence. Wind does not seem to be accurate. there is a large bush within about 6 feet of it. Will a longer pole and getting it higher help.


Welcome to the weatherflow community. Wind is probably the hardest to get correct. What is correct anyway? If you want to match up with the official measurements, it has to be at a height of 10m in a large open grassy field. Not many consumers would have such a place. Rain should be measured at a much lower height, temperature again at a different height. For wind this is particular tricky as even having a house in the neighborhood will change the wind patterns. Of course for wind, higher up often means more open as well. My best advise is to put the unit in a place where you want to know the local weather and accept the difference with official measurements.

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Thanks. sunny. Need to move it away from the bush and get it about 10 feet higher.

Not to make this all weird :slight_smile: , but whenever I see @sunnyā€™s gentle guidance around placement, I continue to be reminded of why I bought my Tempest in the first place: I wanted to know what the weather conditions were in my backyard. And Iā€™m happy with my placement and how well my Tempest does so for me.

(With ongoing thanks to the WeatherFlow team and all of the helpful forum members!)


Thought I replied to this one. Will get it on a longer pole and away from the large bush.