Has my device died?

Just got notified my Tempest is offline. The status appears to show a bunch of sensor failures.

I had the same issue this morning. Do a hard reset back to factory sensors on the Tempest Sensor and it should come back online. It appears to be a software fault, not hardware failure.

I have a failing wind sensor. But @eric rebooted mine.
Still the same issues.

To bad. All other sensors are working perfect.

Did you switch the Tempest off for a couple of minutes and restarted it afterwards? The reboot should reestablish the connection as the Tempest’s battery has enough juice.

It’s on the roof of my two story house. I paid someone to come here with appropriate ladder etc to install on existing antenna pole. It will cost me money to get them back to reboot the device. This could easily start adding up if the unit has to be replaced etc… It’s only been up there 39 days. Very disappointing!

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If it’s a software issue, that would be good. When is the software update being pushed out? I don’t see any benefit in paying to get it off the roof if it’s likely to do it again.

i had the same issue i have the air on my roof on a 10 foot pole and its grounded. I have a friend from florida come to long island and help me. Sucks i have had no wind or uv or rain sensors for 2 months. I probably have to reset it in mid november

Yeah I am going to give up the best position on roof and put it somewhere it can be accessed, I’ve lost trust in the reliability to keep funding a third party to retrieve and replace the device every time it plays up.

I have temperature and humidity sensor failure for the second time. The first time, I followed all the trouble shooting from the support pages and it didn’t work. Then emailed support as documented. While I was waiting for the several days it took for them to get back to me (around 4) it came back on line by its self. Now it’s off line again. Mine, too, is not easily accessible. Has anyone ever exchanged one that wasn’t working?

James , I did some push pulling on your Tempest remotely (not a complete reset as that can only be done locally) but nothing better.

Please do open a support ticket. They will help you from here. If you still have the latest mail from previous ticket, use that one so it is linked and they get history directly.

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@eric my device has come back online but the sensors are still all failed. Are you able to take a look at the device now it’s back online after 22 hours offline?

EDIT: My hub has updated to 147 and all sensors are back online.

I was able to reboot your Tempest remotely and for now the sensors ‘seem’ back online
It was not communicating with the hub but online for over 40 days. Somehow radio link was ‘dead’.
I pushed a newer firmware to the hub, though that can’t explain it all. Keep an eye on it.


Thanks @eric that saves me having to get it removed from up on the roof. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it.

Really appreciate you doing that for me.


My Tempest just went off line today at around 12pm with absolutely no warning. It’s been online since May when I received it. Just noticed that the battery level has dropped to 2.34v.

What can explain this? My system is on my roof, and I’m hoping that I won’t have to climb back up there… that’s why I purchased this system.

My station ID is 19130

Quick look shows it slowly depleted.

Compared to solar radiation, I’d say charging isn’t working ok. Not much we can do more here.

Please do open a support ticket. They will have another look and help you either by a solution, either with a replacement.

It can be your station comes online again if it can catch enough sun for several hours, since it does charge a tiny bit … but it won’t last long for sure. Sorry, you will helped bu CS.

My sensor has disconnected twice in the last two weeks. Only solution is to put up a ladder, go on to a slick rain covered, steep roof, detach pole w sensor from roof peak, climb down steep roof and ladder and then reverse process after sensor reconnects to the hub.

All troubleshooting techniques listed fail, except restarting and reconnecting sensor. RSSI and battery level is fine prior to disconnect. Hub is 20 feet from sensor. No changes in WiFi network, router hardware, internet provider.

Hopefully this can be resolved. Every time I go up on roof I risk a life threatening fall.

My hub has firmware version 143, my sensor 134.

Could this be the issue?

Can weatherlink push a new firmware to the sensor?

This is indeed not a normal behaviour and there isn’t much we can do about it via software.

Please do open a support ticket and they will help you out
Can you please mention specifically a radio pairing issue and maybe this topic as reference. This way they will get the problem instantly and skip several steps.

Sorry this is happening, CS will help you out.