Happy New Year To All


It’s New Years Eve and As Christmas Day is upon us on behalf of all, I want to thank the WeatherFlow staff for help we have received. I know for some, it has been a trying year and for others it has been an education.

Weather does not stop for holidays so here is wishing the staff a pleasant and quiet day with family and friends. I hope you all get some time away from the constant emails and chatter.

Happy New Year Merry Christmas to all Everyone!



Well said,

This site epitomises the hard work and real support that @WFstaff @WFsupport give to their users and is a refreshing change form corporates hiding behind standard responses.

Merry Christmas


Totally agreed from our little apiary in NSW Australia,Every enquiry or concern has been answered in a way I would like to see other companies and forums behave, not to mention the capacity of these units to supply nice data. Also a big thanks to all of the passionate third party developers that show us what these little babies are capable of, may your holidays be happy, healthy and relaxing, let our stations do the work :slight_smile:


Thanx for great support!!!


Happy New Year to All and especially Everyone at WeatherFlow!


Happy New Year everyone!!


Happy New Year, a good health, lots of fun and hopefully a world that doesn’t go to wacko.

And thanks to all for this great forum and it’s spirit to progress.