Hailstorm caused rain amount to jump by almost 0.5 inches

We just had our first hailstorm since I got Sky up. The Precipitation type registered as “Extreme” and the rain total jumped from 0.1x to over half an inch. Although we did have enough very small hail to cause the bare ground to get whitish, I’m not sure that it was as much as a half inch of rain in equivalency. The hail itself wasn’t a half inch thick.

So is this an error that I should expect on the relatively rare times that we have a hailstorm?

Rain detection itself seems to be extremely accurate. Two days ago Sky measured 0.76 inches of rain, which was very close to the reported amounts for the area in general. I was very pleased with that.

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Yes. The rain sensor works by listening to the drops, and cannot hear snow. Hail/sleet sounds like big rain drops. It does not have the ability to estimate liquid equivalent for mist or any frozen precipitation types…


weatherflow staff did mention at some point they could separate rain from hail, but this isn’t implemented (yet?). So for now, hail makes the sounds of enormous raindrops.