Great WeatherFlow support


I would like to say WF has great support, my Sky had a hit & miss sensor. They watch my data for a few days and decided my Sky was spitting out some bad data. They quickly sent me out a new replacement Sky without receiving my Sky first and sent me a return label for me to send in my old Sky! How many companies would do this without receiving the defective unit first! New Sky is working great! ThanksWF!


I’ve had a similar experience. WF support is exceptional! They really stand behind their product.


Yes, agree. My Sky went to the crazy land of forever raining.
WF had another mailed out with-in 24 hours.
Good stuff!


Sure the support is great.
Even greater than great.
My replacement Air arrived today.
Really fast shipping. Within 6 days it arrived in The Netherlands.

A big thumbs up for the WF team, and thank you for the replacement Air unit. :star_struck::ok_hand: