Graphs, stacking and overlays

New guy, never owned a weather station before, brand new Tempest owner, and apologies if this has already been suggested or requested. Also I’m not familiar with what might be proper nomenclature so please bear with me.

I would like to be able to ‘stack graphs’ for comparison and also be able to possibly overlay separate graphs into one, also for comparative study.

When I open a graph for any specific ‘measure’ I have to close that graph before opening another, if there was a way to simply stack the graphs above or below each ‘category’ then a comparative view would remain on the same page, scaling the page might allow for numerous graphs to be open at once.

Overlaying graphs would likely have to happen on a dedicated ‘page’ or that function might be able to be added to any particular graph.

Yes this would be a good idea. Being able to compare data would be great and allows people to “discover” relationships between variables. It could be a single graph area with multiple graphs, or just multiple graphs underneath each other on the same page. I would prefer a single graph area.
It doesn’t have to be a dedicated page. The current graph has already a button to select a different graph. The same button could be used to just enable different graphs by not making it a radio-button.
The vertical scale could be a problem, but I would just keep the scale that is part of the first graph shown, add the second, third, fourth graph on top, but without any scale. However the cursor should tell us the exact values (with units) of all intersection with the data.

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Hi @Z456 ,
Now that you have requested a new feature you can vote for it. Otherwise it is at the very bottom of the list.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Push the data to, they have a much more complete graphing solution. Here is for example a monthly report for my Tempest:

And on you can at least get the rainfall accumulation for the week, month, etc (well, if you trust the rain data from the Tempest but that’s another story).


I was recomending the weather underground option but since I began using that option myself I have discovered that the weather underground data does not match the data from weatherflow. Soon when I have created a detailed examination I will post the issue in a new topic.
As this topic is a feature request we should only be clarifying this request here.
I agree with this request but have no votes left. And because I want this feature I have actually been building it for myself.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:


Feature request:

Add the ability to layer different data points on top of each other within the online tempest dashboard and mobile applications. Example: pull up the temperature chart and then add wind data layer to the same chart, for comparison purposes. I’ve attached a mockup of what it could be like.

Data Layers Graphic

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