Google Nest Hub Weather

I’ve successfully linked my Tempest to my Google Nest Hub and subsequent Nest minis. I’m able to ask Google, “talk to Weatherflow” and receive weather info from my Tempest. My question is this, is there a way to remove the default weather app from displaying on the Nest Hub and instead show my Tempest temperature? I haven’t found any info about this and would love the ability to glance at my Nest Hub to see an accurate temperature reading vs a PWS 10+ miles away.

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Does anyone have any info on this? Is it something that is even possible to do?

Working on this now…boy was that a cluster getting WF and Google connected.

I didn’t have any issues with getting WF and my Nest Hub connected. The only issue I’m having is trying to figure out a way to get the Hub to show my WF PWS as the default weather. I’m not sure it’s even possible at this point. I haven’t found any info on it anywhere and no one here in this thread has been able to help.