Getting weather data without WiFi


We would like to monitor wind, rain and lightning on a remote island. We were wondering if we would be able to have access to the data from the weather station at a place where WiFi isn’t available.


Do you mean that you will be with the weather station on the remote island? Or do you mean the remote island is uninhabited?
If the island is uninhabited without wifi then it will not work.
Weatherflow will be building a remote system that requires mobile telephone service which does not require wifi but is more than a few months or more away.

If you are on the island then it is possible to create a wifi hotspot using a raspberry pi to receive and display the data without connection to the internet. It is not a simple setup like the typical Tempest install.
This example that requires some effort and technical skill to set up can work remotely: ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


I agree and would also like a unit that operates without wifi. Not for use on an island, but with my RV.

Seems to me it would be tge same concept.

Very different. Simple to use a phone in your RV as a wifi hotspot. Many of us have used the system in a vehicle both moving and stationary with a mobile phone wifi hotspot sending the data to the weatherflow servers as normal and to view the data.

No different compared to when I camp where there is absolutely no cellular coverage. It works just fine with my phone and tablet using Bluetooth. This is exactly what would be the case on a remote island with the same connectivity issues. That being said, historical data won’t be stored anywhere which is where something like ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage or similar would be the way to go to store the data.