German alexa skill

When do you expect to release the German version?

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Localisation is on the list of things to do but we haven’t heard of any date yet. With all the misery they had … guess once the calibration is working good enough …

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Maybe when ROI reaches saturation. You are the first one here to ask.

oh, so i guess i am the only german who bought your stuff who is using alexa, funny… every other german with alexa does not care, because they didn´t write anything here… sounds logic… :see_no_evil:

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Please note that neither @eric nor @GaryFunk (nor myself) are employees of WeatherFlow. We are just people who are very interested in weather instrumentation and we are trying to help answer questions on this forum. If you have specific issues with your equipment please e-mail and they will help you directly.


No one has suggested that. One does have to wonder why you feel so negative. You’re giving us Germans a worse reputation than we already have.


Why do I suddenly feel like a jelly doughnut??? :confused:

I don’t know. Let me feel you and check.

thanks for the reminder, to feel guilty for things that happen before i was born, sorry sorry sorry… please greet adolf if you see him… :roll_eyes:

Before? I’m talking the last 10 years.

Maybe some of this thread is better handled in private messages . . .


Yes. You are correct. Attitudes should be checked at the door.

Here’s mine and my apology.


Hi Gary, thanks for your and Eric for his explanation. I need to post my contribution here as I have read the rest of the thread and I don´t want you to misunderstand me.
Yes, I´m German, I own a weather station (Sky & Air) and I own “Alexa”. (Already the 2nd one! :wink: ) So I´m quite interested in getting that skill in order to connect Alexa with my station. I´m also interested in getting my data into some spreadsheets - but that´s another story.
I only want you (and every reader here) to know that I´m happy to work with international colleagues, I respect other cultures as strange as the may appear and - I stay near Dresden, a wonderful town mostly wonderful people!