Gaps in the min by min graph reports

I’ve read several topics on this and have been experiencing this occasionally on a day by day basis. Usually it’s just 2 or 3 mins sometimes more…but today I’m getting 7 min gaps in the recorded observations across the entire observation platform( pressure, temperature, humidity, etc…)

Is anyone else experiencing this major gap today ?

It’s happened several times and it just seems to be getting worse in the past few hours.

I’ve read maybe the servers are being overloaded ?

This kind of error only gets amplified when major weather events happen in the 7 min time missing. When it’s 1 or 2 mins it’s more tolerable but can there be a fix to this at some point ?

Your Tempest seems a bit far from the hub or you have thick walls ??? In any case it is having a hard time to reach the hub. Can you try to move hub around a bit as it has very good connection to wifi and can pushed further from modem

See to it that the rssi value from the Tempest stays between 0 and -75db ideally

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I’ll try that later today and see if that helps…thanks for your help !!!

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I’ve seen gaps on my end too and the frequency of gaps is happening more often. My Tempest RSSI stays around -45 thru -50.

I’ve got the hub next my router in my bedroom but the tempest is on the opposite side of the house the south side and the router and hub are on the north side.

Does it matter if it’s further or closer to tempest vs the hub ?

If you have decent WiFi on the South side of your house, move your hub there. The closer it is to the Tempest the better the Tempest to hub connection will be. What is your station ID or the share link to your station?

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Ok I def will try location methods

I’m sure it’s an easy fix

Not sure if you have moved the hub yet but your RSSI to the Tempest is near the edge.
You want that number to be closer to zero, ie -70 is better than -76.

No I haven’t yet. I’m out of town for the moment but when I get back I’m def gonna experiment for the strongest signal. I do have some pretty thick walls in my house so I was kinda wondering about the degradation of the signal from the hub to tempest.

Thank you to everyone who has replied offering assistance !!!

Love this compact all in one weather instrument !!! It’s got a lot of features and potential that most garden variety weather systems can only dream of !!!

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It’s possible that gaps in observations are also due to this issue: Dropped samples on June 15th. It seems that as the WF systems scale to keep up with the growing number of Tempest devices, incoming observations can sometimes be dropped. Keep an eye on it, and hopefully it will improve over time. For reference, in the last 24 hours my Air/Sky devices have dropped 26 samples each

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It sounds like a scaling issue with WF’s cloud platform. In addition, if WF is using Kafka, the message size may not be configured correctly to receive the increased number of messages from new units coming online.

This may help explain all of the dropped/missing lightning strike data the past few days.