Future Pro Hub Mounting Thoughts

Hey all, I’m sure most of you are just as excited about the upcoming pro hub as I am. Just thinking into the future, has anyone thought about a mobile mounting solution that would allow you to move the Tempest and pro hub to different locations, say at different times of the year, or for a different needs and different places? Just thinking for the future, it would be nice to be able to move the unit between a few different locations at different times for weather gathering purposes. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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This is what I currently do with my mobile station using one of the original hubs. I use a cellular access point and just update the location and height information in the app when I reach my destination. I funded the pro hub version for a replacement as it will make it easier to move as I no longer have three devices for the base: hub, battery backup, cellular access point.

Thanks for the info. I’m interested in buying a pro hub setup and moving it to different locations, say for a few months in each spot for data collection.

My real question was what kind of mount / tripod people use for mobile applications. I won’t be moving it around constantly, but would like to be able to to move it periodically. Thanks!

On the Pro Hub mounting topic, can we pretty please with sugar on top get a case with a flat surface conducive to wall mounting???

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You flat lovin’ earth people are all alike.


Seriously though, every shelf in our house is full of racing trophies. I have no place to put a Hub that’s designed to be put on a shelf, and have already re-homed one of my Hubs into a flat, wall-mountable project box. Since the new Hub+ will likely have a different PCB footprint and need a new case mould, I’d like to see it in a case conducive to wall mounting or mounting in a weatherproof box like the premium remote bundle has promised…


I agree. I understand the vertical shape of the hub and I think it’s time for a new design. The three ports on the back and the seven LED on the front.